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Mattress and Pillow Selection System

The Sleep Metrics™ system is a technology based selection system that quickly and accurately identifies consumers specific sleep concerns. It uses this information to recommend the correct mattress, pillow and accessory product to satisfy those concerns, thus increasing the value of the service, improving transaction value and reducing or eliminating comfort returns.

Research Based . . . Consumer Focused

Sleep Metrics Kiosk

The Sleep Metrics™ system is based on research commissioned by Boyd Specialty Sleep to find the best mattress and pillow determined by the consumer's body type, sleep style, and special needs. This research included pressure mapping and a qualitative analysis. Our strength is the unique and patent pending merchandising and diagnostic tools we can offer retailers to close the customer. The Sleep Metrics™ Kiosk and the Sleep Metrics™ Diagnostic approach using the NightAir ® Airbed is your ticket to success. As you encounter resistance related to slow sales and the economy keep in your mind and in your message that we are offering a proven merchandising solution for that exact problem.

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